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My horse training philosophy is based on Care, Communication and Consistency.

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I know very good natural horsemanship trainers. I myself have learned from a natural horsemanship trainer per excellence, Ed Dabney, a trainer of highest integrity and one of the best horsemen I have ever met, who shared his knowledge and love of the horse with me generously and with an open heart and who I will always hold in high esteem.

Tatiana Kiselyova

Years of lessons, different trainers and a myriad of horses have not taught me nearly what I learned from you in just three days. These tools for communication and respect have proven effective even in a short time since the clinic.

Alex La Pierre

I learned more in the brief time you spent with us than I have in my entire past life working around and riding horses. Your quiet certainty and clear expertise left me feeling righteously humbled.

Rick and Donna Harrison

I went to Ed’s clinic with a good mannered mare without any expectations – and I came out with a mare who reads my mind. Ed is really amazing. I’m impressed

Anne Ollila

Ed’s pleasant personality combined with true expertise and love for the equine partner makes him highly qualified to pass on an important equestrian culture to a new generation of riders by combining centuries-old European tradition with American Cowboy culture. I received my equestrian education for over 13 years at the Spanish Riding School in Vienna, Austria and I can only recommend Ed Dabney as a role model for many.

Karl Mikolka Oberbereiter

I just wanted to congratulate you for the high quality of your training. I am considering you as a “classical” trainer in the sense that you eliminate any constraining instrument and do not use force. Your message founded on deep knowledge and respect to the horse would be very useful on the official scene. Competition is too often meaning results at any price. All the best to the “gentleman cowboy” you are!

Philippe Karl

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Ed Dabney Horse Expert

Horse Expert

Provides expert witness services, litigation consultation and accident reconstruction with over 30 years of professional equestrian experience.


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